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Epoxy Floors

Great for Garage & Warehouse
Epoxy Floor Enamel is great for commercial and industrial uses as well as garage floors. We can make your floor shine and protect against wear and tear.

Rust-Oleum EPOXY Shield Garage Floor Coating creates showroom-quality surfaces. Protects against gasoline, antifreeze, motor oil, salt and hot tire pick-up.

If you think beauty and durability can’t go hand in hand your wrong. Epoxy floors are notorious for being one of the best most durable floor finishes available. When a high quality epoxy system is installed on a properly prepared substrate it can last indefinitely. Of course it is dependent on traffic, abuse, maintenance, etc.

Epoxies have great chemical resistance, very high impact resistance, are durable and are low maintenance, even with all of these great qualities they also look great.


Some FAQ

Are the coatings slippery?
No, the coatings are not slippery when wet. However, if you desire an additional level of protection against slipping, you may add an anti-slip coating.

If my garage has windows, will the coating fade?
No, only direct UV exposure will cause the coating to fade.


What are the decorative chips made of?

Do I have to repair the cracks in my concrete?
Yes. Crack repair is important to the integrity and longevity of the coating.

How do I clean my garage floor coating if I stain it?
Stains wipe up with any cleaner degreaser.

Can I power wash my garage floor coating to clean it?
Yes. Power washing will not damage the integrity of the floor.

Can tire marks be wiped off the garage floor coating?

Will hot tires driving across the floor cause the garage floor coating to separate from the floor?

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